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Information on upcoming Florida Bids is our specialty. Cruise on down to Florida and make big money from our “open” and active government markets. See how easily you too, can become a “player” here in the “Sunshine State.”

Florida provides enormous opportunities for businesses looking for State and local Government sales.

An economic base of manufacturing, tourism, and international trade plus weather disasters gives selling opportunities to a wide variety of businesses. In short, our fantastic, growing economy coupled with vendor friendly purchasing statutes invite new business relationships with Florida governments.

We’ll show you upcoming buys from Cities, State Universities, County Governments, School Boards, State Agencies, Transportation Authorities, Community Colleges, Water Management Districts and many others. Hundreds - each week! For an added bonus we’ll throw in the federal bids with monies to be spent in Florida. No one can show you more!

State and local governments are no longer required to notify their listed vendors of the upcoming “buys” but you can depend on us to show them to you.

Relax and cruise down Florida Bid’s avenue to Florida government profits. Let the nation’s oldest, state-bid-service remove the big road blocks in your way. With our help, you too, can now tap into this astounding market here in Florida. With us you can now become an immediate “player.”

No one knows the Florida government market like we do. We live here! Put our experience and knowledge to work to put Florida dollars in your pocket. Don’t wait. Act now!

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